Specialty & Collectibles

Specialty &   Collectibles

McLin Haven Books has been selling books for over 11 years, and over the years we’ve had so much fun interacting with clients and book lovers from all over the world. We are proud book lovers, book hunters, book finders and book collectors ourselves, and we specialize in specialty, unique and collectible books.

McLin Haven Books

The Book Seller of Fame Street

We have sold books to the not only regular reading enthusiasts like ourselves but also to a range of prestigious clients including House of Lords in London, well-known museums, U.S. State Department, monasteries, Hollywood, and Pacific Fleet Admiral, just to name a few.

Interesting Book People & They All Know Their Books!

The Hobbit

Once, Micky and Linda went into a small book store in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and as they entered the foyer they saw Alma – a tiny wizened book dealer. She had been in the book business for over fifty years. Looking at her you could tell the old saying was true - "it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of fight in the dog." She could handle anyone of those customers that came to size up her shop.

The Radical Indian

What an interesting man! He had been doing battle with the local government, and printing his own newsletter just to make get them worked up. He had one the most eclectic collections of books that we had seen so far.

The Haunted Cowboy Hotel

This hotel in Wyoming, is just the kind of haunted we like! You just don't know where you'll find a good book. BOO…or shall we say…BOOKS!