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Copyright date 1894, true first edition in serial form. The original numbers of Harper’s magazine, January to August, 1894. Illustrated by the author. Eight volumes original wrappers, uncut. Two half morocco slipcases with inner cloth wrappers. New York, 1894. Very fine set. Rare in the parts, complete with all wrappers and text matter intact. This is the original issue of Trilby with the” Whistler” matter, which Whistler forced Du Maurier to delete in the printed book. Note: Whistler material, which was suppressed at the demand of Whistler, When the work appeared in book form: illustrations, the two apprentices page 579 was entirely suppressed and does not appear in the book. In the illustration,” all as it used to be”. Page 575, the slender figure of Whistler can be seen against the wall, in the right background, but in the book this portrait was changed and made unrecognizable by the addition of a beard. The text referring to”Joe Sibley” (Whistler) is on pages 577 and 578. This was entirely suppressed in the book.


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